The word “


” is often generalized as a common skin condition. It is the condition in which the skin turns reddish, starts to become itchy, and appears to be dry and cracked.


Eczema originated from the Greek word


which means to boil out, which is usually the main sign of this illness. While eczema has a broad meaning, there are in fact several skin conditions which are regarded as a type of eczema; and one of them is the

atopic dermatitis


Eczema is usually found in areas such as the face, hands, neck, arms and sometimes, at the back of the knees.

It can affect almost anyone, either it be old individuals or those children and sometimes, infants. Because of its effect and the way it affects individuals, looking for natural yet effective cures for eczema is really necessary.

Knowing what the best eczema cure will definitely help you in battling this condition. But before everything else, let us all know the usual causes of eczema.

Causes of  eczema

Eczema is usually caused by frequent exposure to mild irritants such as detergent or even a brief exposure from strong irritants such as the acid coming out from an old battery.

However, several experts and some studies have also shown that this particular condition can be due to hereditary factors. Their conditions can then be worsened due to frequent exposure to various factors such as pollens or stress.

Apart from these, the causes of eczema can be classified based on its type.

One type of eczema, the allergic contact dermatitis, is caused by an allergen which comes in contact with the skin. Another type of eczema known as the seborrheic dermatitis can be due to yeasts that live on human skin, or even the changes in the climate.

Even though scientists and various researchers have already speculated some common causes of eczema, they are still not yet certain about the exact cause of this illness. But the most likely cause for developing eczema is due to genetic factors, as observed by a study conducted between children having an 80% risk of developing this condition from their parents having the same.

Basic cures for eczema

Eczema can be cured using various methods, considering the presence of topical medicines and ointments in the market which are usually suggested by dermatologists.

However, the best thing that one can do about it is to avoid eczema as much as possible. But if you already are suffering from this illness, then here are some of the best things you can do:

1. Keep a healthy and fiber-rich diet

Keeping a healthy diet rich of fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables can surely help you in your lifelong battle against eczema. Other than these, consuming foods containing fatty omega acids such as salmon and other fish can help as well.


2. Maintain your personal hygiene

Eczema can also be cured by maintaining your personal hygiene. This usually includes ingesting supplements that can help replenish your dry and itchy skin from the inside out.

Also, several studies have shown that taking a bleach bath proved to be an effective remedy for kids having chronic eczema.

3. Apply emollient on affected areas

An emollient is a skin softening agent which helps in smoothing and moisturizing the skin and relieves it from a dry and cracked condition. It can come in forms of cream, lotion or as an ointment. Based on the degree of the illness, the type of emollient you should apply also varies. The best found natural eczema products are the ones used for eczema, psoriasis & dermatits

It could either be creams and lotions for red and inflamed areas, or ointment for dry areas that are not inflamed.

4. Be well-hydrated at all times

Being properly hydrated helps in preventing your skin from being dry and itchy. As a common rule, taking up to 10 glasses of water daily will surely help.

stay hydrated

5. Free yourself from high levels of stress

Stress is actually one of the common causes of eczema. And the best solution you can do about this is to avoid stress and other stressful situations as possible. It might not be a common idea, but it surely is found to be effective.

By developing these habits and embedding it into your lifestyle, you can surely get rid of eczema and be successful in avoiding this common skin condition.

They might be somewhat hard to do at first, but consistent efforts will surely pay off in the end.